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A few months ago, I made a major change. I took a “professional leap of faith” like nothing I had ever done before. I left a good job to take a chance on something new: a high-growth, later-stage scale-up in the healthtech space – a new sector for me. 

It’s never easy to commit to a new job, especially when you are happy in your current role. At my previous company, I liked and respected my boss and had recently moved into a new role. However, my experience since leaving that job and joining WELL has proven that sometimes taking a leap of faith can be just what you need. 

Since joining, colleagues, advisors and friends have asked: How did you decide to join WELL Health? So, I thought I’d share what informed my decision and how it unfolded. Hopefully, these learnings can help others as they consider taking a “professional leap of faith.”

The mission. Most companies have a mission statement, but how many are truly mission-driven? I encountered mission-driven companies later in my career, and was impressed by how inspiring a meaningful mission can be for the team. Benefits and compensation are important, but a unifying mission can make a world of difference. If you truly believe in the mission – in WELL’s case, to make healthcare #1 in customer service – you’re much more likely to have a positive (and successful) experience. 

The leadership team. The leadership team has a huge impact on a company and your experience there. I’ve been fortunate to work with many amazing leaders and mentors – however, a great leadership team is more than just a collection of strong leaders. They also need to complement each other and bring out the best in each other. That’s what I’ve found at WELL, and it is a key ingredient in the company’s success. 

The scale. Various sizes of companies will provide very different experiences. I’ve worked at startups, midsize companies and a very established company – and WELL Health reminded me of a previous experience at a late-stage, fast-growing, pre-public company. These companies go through tremendous change in a short period of time, and I’m invigorated by the opportunity to fail fast, make quick decisions, and rapidly scale teams. It isn’t for everyone, but I love the pace.

Like any new opportunity, my time at WELL Health has come with as many challenges as wins, but that’s okay if you’re learning and growing. What’s most important is that I can see the impact our product is having, and how we’re working together in support of our mission. 

In my short time here, I’ve learned something about myself – that driving product-led, mission-driven companies is just as motivating as working at established companies. Every day I face new challenges and opportunities. With that, I’m continuing to grow myself and my team, and I look forward to continuing to share my experience. 

If you are interested in a professional leap of faith, we are always looking for great people to join WELL Health. Check out our Careers page to see where you could land.